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Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am Aashi Hublikar, the writer, photographer, chef on this blog. I live in Mumbai with my small happy family. You can find vegetarian and mostly healthy and wholesome bakes in this blog.

Baking always intrigued me, but I was very hesitant to try it. My first experience of freshly baked bread was at my grandmom’s place in Bangalore, where Iyengar Bakery is a tradition. It almost became a ritual for anybody coming from Bangalore to visit us, to carry a couple of loaves of milk bread for me. . . . . I still love it!! In Mumbai, where I stay and grew up, a visit to bakery was for birthday cakes only.

Later on, when my baby started weaning, I wanted to make everything for him from scratch. Eventually, borrowed my mother-in-law’s oven and tried a few recipes. Some were good and some . . . super disasters. I did not have a formal training, but learnt through experiments and failures.

I started with simple bakes and slowly the frequency increased. A passion in baking is definitely not good for your waist . . . . but I wanted to bake . . . and bake a lot, so I ventured into healthier options which I could eat and share without feeling too guilty.

Hoping to share the same joy with everyone.

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